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ThriveFP Case Study

In 2013, ThriveFP contacted Fractal Visuals with the desire to create a new way of communicating with its investors. Fractal Visuals recommended leveraging video content to create both quarterly update videos for investors, as well as individual investment opportunity offering videos. Since launching the video initiative, ThriveFP’s private equity portfolio has grown from $300MM to over $800MM+, and Thrive has also launched a number of additional investment initiatives which also leverage video to communicate to investors.


“We do both quarterly market updates and videos on a deal by deal basis. We also started doing videos explaining our philosophy, types of investments and connecting to our investor base via videos. This single handedly made us what we are today.” – Adrian Lufschanowski, President – ThriveFP

Fractal Visuals has been producing these videos for Thrive for more than 5.5 years, and the results have been fantastic.

“The Thrive portfolio was around $300MM in 2013 and grew over the next few years to $800MM. Our investor base grew from about 100 investors to currently over 350 investors.” – JP Newman, CEO – ThriveFP

Over this time period Thrive was able to utilize the video content to create a force multiplication effect, enabling all of their investors to be brought up to speed on the general state of thrive, or receive a high level overview of an investment opportunity through a video.

“It is so effective because when an investor calls after they have watched the video about a deal, it is only to ask a few questions. I do not need to go through the whole deal because the investor already has a base of the premise of the investment.” – Adrian Lufschanowski, President – ThriveFP

These videos reduce the time spent on a per client basis giving a detailed recap of the last quarter’s events and enables time with a client/investor/shareholder to be spent on more specific details related to that individual relationship and have collectively saved Adrian and JP hundreds of hours of phone conversations each year.

“Videos are the way to go and it is not even comparable to newsletters. Not only you save paper but the connection you get with people is real and genuine!” – Adrian Lufschanowski, President – ThriveFP

Each quarter the Fractal team will spend 3 hours on site in the Thrive offices capturing all necessary video content for the next quarter, this includes the quarter update video, market update video, and any upcoming investment opportunity videos. In addition to these pre-scheduled quarterly video shoot sessions, the Fractal team is also on call whenever a “Mission Critical” deal needs specific attention.

“John not only is very easy to schedule the time, what amazes me is the turn time. He will edit on a next day almost basis — Which means that we can get it out extremely quick. Get him now while you still can would be my opinion.” – JP Newman, CEO – ThriveFP

Beyond the communication of statistics and numbers, the videos produced for Thrive enable an investor to make a more personal connection with each investor. Video is the closest thing we have to face to face interaction – It enables the building of trust and a level of transparency that goes beyond what can be accomplished with a phone call.

“Our investors have said time and time again they felt connected to us and “knew us” after our videos without meeting the majority of them in person. The biggest impact of the video aside from time is connection. Our investors tell us they feel we are speaking to them and connecting with them through the videos in a way a newsletter could never do the same. We don’t use anyone else. John Hanby and Fractal are the solution and they are the best!” – Adrian Lufschanowski, President – ThriveFP

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