Growth has no limits

Fractal has a strategy for every department of your organization.

Increase Close Rates and Build Trust

Reinforce buyer confidence and share your competitive advantage through a sales presentation that can be perfect, repeatable and accurate 100% of the time. Fractal’s sales content strategy has taken the burden off of the sales team by allowing lead nurturing prospect validation and early customer education to be primarily handled through Fractal content. "We save an average of 12.5 minutes per customer interaction because of Fractal. Every year this time savings translates to nearly 1083 hours and my sales team is absolutely thrilled."

Accurate and Compliant Information to Shareholders

Keep current and potential shareholders and investors in-the-know and up-to-date on your brand’s financial success and future innovations. The Thrive portfolio was around $300MM in 2013 and has grown to almost $800MM in nearly 4 years. And their investor base has grown from about 100 investors to over 350 investors as of early 2018. Thrive has used our strategy to create a force multiplication effect, enabling all of their investors to be brought up to speed all at once, eliminating multiple investor phone calls and lengthy newsletters.

Streamline Communications Strategies

Simplify, optimize, standardize and strengthen messaging within every department of your organization. Fractal came in with a new strategy for Wunder Audio with the objective of reducing the average customer talk time to per sale to nearly 30 minutes, and now Mike and his team are able to save nearly 1000 hours each year while also increasing customer confidence, and building trust. "Our 60 channel Wunderbar sells for $250,000. When making purchases with that amount of money, you want to know exactly what you are paying for."

Universal Executive Presence

Save precious executive time through streamlined communications that allow your presence to be felt in every customer meeting and every department of your organization. As an executive you’re crazy busy and in a lot of meetings with other executives that are really busy too. Communicating fast, accurately, and effectively is expected. "Fractal’s strategy has transformed the way we present to our board of directors. It's because of Fractal we were able to secure over $50MM in budget for our new initiative. We were able to create an experience that got everyone excited and invested in our new initiatives, more than we ever imagined and it only took a few hours of my time. This is a huge change from past presentations."

Save Time through Improved Organizational Efficiencies

Effectively manage crises, communicate organizational changes, and implement adjustments quickly through clear, personal, and specific messaging. "No longer do you have to give multiple global conference calls across different times zones communicating to regional reps the status of the situation and have those reps communicate to the end-user. Now, a single message from your CEO can be transmitted to everyone in the world all at once with all the benefit of guaranteed legal security and customer confidence."

Optimize Training and Capture Culture

Streamline the on-boarding and training process and maintain strong company culture to all employees while generating enthusiasm within your team.  "At Fractal, we use what we sell, and in HR, what was a full day of employee on-boarding has turned into a carefully bundled suite of content and a 30-minute follow-up discussion. Now every new team member now gets exactly the same information with no miscommunications and every executive gets more time added to their schedule."

Strengthen Customer Confidence and Reduce Support Calls

Help your customers address the most commonly asked questions and deliver helpful solutions that saves you time and improves the customer experience. The Fractal system removes frustration and creates clarity allowing my team to rededicate our day of relaying repetitive information in client workshops to providing a custom workshop with every client to specifically help them implement their new content in their unique situation.