Key Benefits

Real-time Creation of Reliable, Brand Approved, High Quality Communications:

Content made by our patent-pending system is highly versatile, ensuring that each piece of content can be used in the most number of unique situations possible. This innovative approach results in an overall efficiency in content creation not previously possible. Each piece of created content travels through FractalFORGE’s™ ACCESS™ Verification and utilizes just the right amount of information necessary to communicate a specific message, making it custom tailored, cost-effective and highly motivational. With the FractalFORGE’s™ FractalBlock and Dynamic Content Creation technology it is possible to create hundreds of thousands of custom tailored messages.

Cost-effective Management of Critical Communications Information:

Functioning as the Universally Trusted Library™ of Information for all brand communications, the FractalFORGE™ becomes the foundational infrastructure for other core business system’s communication content such as your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), CMS (Content Management System), and LMS (Learning Management System). Before, employees would struggle to create custom presentation materials with little oversight. Using FractalFORGE™ employees are empowered to quickly and easily create the right kind of approved content with the added benefit of brand accuracy.

User Friendly and Easy to Use:

FractalFORGE™ provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, intuitive interface for creating and managing messaging that can be easily navigated even by first-time users. The FractalFORGE™ user interface has been built to allow users of popular software technology such as Apple iOS, Salesforce, and Google Docs to learn the system quickly. Through our intuitive, easy-to-learn interface, we have eliminated the need for significant technical expertise or substantial training on how to use and benefit from our service.

Easy to Deploy and Manage:

Complex comprehensive messaging for a topic can be created in seconds instead of weeks or months. Our secure multi-tenant SaaS technology can be deployed rapidly and provisioned easily.

Significant Return on Investment:

We enable customers to achieve significant savings relative to the traditional enterprise content creation model with the added benefit of superior customization capability. Our service enables customers to rapidly automate the creation of personalized content without having to engage in many time consuming one-off transactions. Our platform drives higher engagement and improved collaboration, resulting in increased organizational productivity. The result is greater effectiveness and more powerful intimacy in interactions within organizations, with customers, and between companies. FractalFORGE™ eliminates excessive content and resource waste while delivering the desired outcomes.

Highly Scalable and Multi-Tenant:

The FractalFORGE™ has been designed as a highly secure multi-tenant application to enable our service to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively to tens of thousands of customers and millions of users.