FractalForge™ Overview

FractalForge Development Notes:

Critical elements of the FractalForge Platform are live and functional, however the Automatic VideoContent Creation and Delivery System portion of the FractalForge software is still in development. TheFractalForge Platform Subscription will not be invoiced until software is launched. The technologywill be rolled out in an alpha and beta form as it becomes availiable. Until the FractalForge Automatic Video Content Creation and Delivery System is live (projected roll out of 1 year or less), the Fractal team will guarantee delivery of a given number of Pre-Software Launch Video created using FractalBlocks and Fractal-BRoll-Blocks videos; turnaround time per video will be 48 hours at maximum. This will guarantee Fractal’s quality standards before content is delivered to the customer.

The FractalForge™ User Interfaces seen in the video are mock-ups that will aid UI designers in actual build.

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